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The PM..W series are spring-clamp panel-mounting terminal blocks designed to be used with 2.5 mm in wire size. They are reliable, resistant to vibration, quick to connect, and less time-consuming to assemble. The entries holes are parallel with the tools, making this model very suitable for application in limited space. Since each spring clamp can be connect with only one lead wire, there are two different setups to meet connection requirements: one with 2 connection points and one with 4 connection points. The PM..W series can be matched with the standard labels, and new products are continuously being developed. The series are available with either 2 connection points or 4 connection points, and so single parts can be combined to the desired number of terminals. Assembly of higher terminal numbers can be fixed with a spacer to help fasten and secure the terminal block. All designs comply with the IEC60947-7-1 & UL1059 international standards.

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