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4 Things You Should Know about The Technologies of Injection Molding of Dinkle


Dinkle Injection Molding

4 Things You Should Know about The Technologies of
Injection Molding of Dinkle

Injection molding is a key technology in the production of plastic components, and it affects the appearance and mechanical properties of the plastic component. Lacking of production experience and technology may lead to a major impact on the product quality and production lead time.

Key Elements Affecting the Quality of Injection Molding

Injection molding, which refers to a method of injecting a plastic material melted by heat into a mold cavity at a high speed under high pressure, then cooling and solidifying the plastic to obtain a molded product, is an important processing method for complex plastic components. Simply put, the major processes for injecting molding are mold closing, injection, pressure holding, cooling, mold opening, and removal of a product. If any factor—for example, temperature, pressure, speed, position, or time—is not well-controlled during the process, problems such as deformation, fragility, significant size deviation, and production of air bubbles would arise. It will seriously influence the quality and production speed.

High-Specification Injection Molding Equipment

Before we develop an injection mold, CAE mold flow analysis is used to ensure the flow balance at the molten plastic feeding position for reducing product defects. We are able to reach high stability and production efficiency owing to high-precision hot runner injection machines with fast injection speed and plastic injection precision up to 0.1mm. As such, we can satisfy the requirements for high-precision processing for miniaturization and thin-wall molding. Furthermore, the material we use, PA66 with the highest flame retardant rating—UL94 V0 is able to cover operating temperature from -40°C to 120°C. Achievement of the highest comparative tracking index (CTI) rank is also the best choice for flame retardant and insulation.

Other than Equipment and Material

Dinkle Tooling Center and its professional mold design engineers are very experienced in designing, thereby assisting customers in the production of components with high efficiency and quality. Besides that, we also introduce MES (Manufacturing Execution System), which helps on data collection at manufacturing sites, visualization of production information, and automation of production.
Dinkle Injection Molding

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