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High efficiency modular terminal block system



DKN Series Compact Design DIN Rail Terminal Blocks-Superior Quality! Cost Efficient!


DKN Series features:

  1. 1. Innovative compact design with industrial standard mounting foot structure, suitable for TS-35 and G type rail mounting.
  2. 2. Feed-through screw connection design and a variety of functional designs are available.
  3. 3. Sturdy wire cage design with large wiring contact surface; vibration proof and reliable.
  4. 4. The high carbon steel material used for the wire cage offers superior torque for wiring. The zinc plated surface helps prevent corrosion.
  5. 5. Power distribution can be adjusted using top and side insertion bridges.
  6. 6. Terminal blocks are compliant with IEC 60947-7-1 and UL 1059 standard.

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