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0225 series, Push-in Terminal Blocks



Dinkle 0225 series terminal block is suitable for industrial automation applications  such as inverters, servers, controllers and drivers.

0225 series features

  • 1.  Two rows for connecting conductors with a 1.5mm² diameter and 12mm height.
  • 2.  Pitches in 3.5mm, 5.00mm and 5.08mm in 300V and 8A are suitable for most industrial applications.
  • 3.  Adopts the patented S-cage structure for a reliable and quick connection.
  • 4.  Insulation material meets UL94-V0 standards and product design is compliant with UL1059 standards.
  • 5.  A variety of locking flanges are available for additional inter-locking strength.

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