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As use of the internet becomes more popular and handheld control platforms become more advanced, it leads to the development of big data, IOT and cloud computing which are tools that estimate future trends. Traditional product machines in factories have the possibility of being interconnected in order to better manage the production schedule and help production become even more efficient. The key point of Telematics is quick, safe and accurate data transfers.

As market requirements increase, a variety of communication technologies and devices are developed. However, different brands of machines may have a different operating interface which makes it a challenge to integrate the data from various production machines. To overcome the issue of communication between different machines, Ethernet was introduced to the industrial market with better open compatibility. 

The Dinkle Bus enclosure system offers an easy solution that uses highly conductive copper raw materials to assure minimum transfer resistance. The bus plate contains 8 terminals for power and signal transmissions which can be installed on TS-35 rails.  I/O enclosures have a variety of sizes and can be connected to the bus system with a simple click. Push-in terminal blocks are used on all I/O enclosures to save on wiring time. The Dinkle Bus enclosure system is designed to be flexible in order to make the extension for connection in the field an easier job for engineers.