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Building Automation

Automation can be categorized as factory automation, process automation and building automation. Building automation covers the widest range of terminal block applications including safety & security systems, lighting systems, air conditioning, water supply systems and parking systems. The main purpose of building automation is to create a more comfortable living environment. This is done by using suitable control devices to save energy and time which provides sufficient protection all while using limited resources. Quality components are the key to good devices that help reduce function failure and extend lifetime.



Dinkle terminal blocks are recognized and have been used by major suppliers in the building automation industry. Applications include air conditioning, energy monitoring, fire alarms, elevators and lighting. Dinkle supplies a wide range of products in different pitches and designs for various applications. All raw materials and the production process are compliant with RoHS and REACH criteria. Dinkle products have UL and VDE approvals and meet the requirement set by the industry.