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DINKLE unveils comprehensive solutions at Manufacturing Expo 2024


DINKLE unveils comprehensive solutions
at Manufacturing Expo 2024
Showcasing advanced technology and diverse products to assist in the upgrade of
smart manufacturing


As Thailand promotes its 4.0 policy and global demand for industrial automation increases, as the largest terminal block manufacturer in Asia, DINKLE will exhibit at the Manufacturing Expo2024 in the BITEC from June 19th to June 22nd (Hall 98, Booth No. 8J05), offering smarter and more efficient solutions. This exhibition gathers numerous enterprises or experts in the industrial field to share and exchange the latest trends or products. DINKLE will exhibit five major product series, including DIN Rail Terminal Blocks, PCB Terminal Blocks, Interface Module, Industrial Relay, and Circular Connector, aiming to provide superior and highly reliable products for various application fields.


  • DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
    This series of products utilizes standardized terminal blocks combined with DIN rails, offering various connection methods such as direct plug-in (DP), screw-type (DK), spring-clamp (AK), and a screw-type series designed for high current (DKM). Users can choose according to the field environment, making them suitable for industrial power distribution systems.

  • PCB Terminal Blocks
    Provide various wiring methods and error prevention designs that can be selected based on on-site needs. Among them, the Plug-In Direct (PID) series achieves quick insertion and removal operations through innovative auxiliary spring design, making on-site operations more convenient. Coupled with integrated wiring and fastening structures, it makes the wire clamping more stable and reliable.

  • Interface Module
    As a bridge for interfacing and signal distribution between different interfaces, the employment of PID terminal blocks not only saves costs but also ensures stable connections. Whether in power Distribution Modules for power line management or Signal Interface Modules for linking devices and controllers' IO signals, standardized dimensions and customized wiring lengths are provided to flexibly accommodate on-site requirements.

  • Industrial Relay
    Characterized by small footprint, high capacity, long lifespan, and ease of maintenance, it is widely utilized across various industrial applications. The product range includes relay modules, miniature relay modules, slim relays, and opto-relays, catering to the requirements of different automation fields in terms of equipment space, power, and contact load.

  • Circular Connector
    A high-stability, IP67-rated M12/M8 circular connector, featuring fully gold-plated contacts and a 360° fully shielded design, ensures stable and effective signal transmission even in harsh environments. It offers single and double-ended straight and angled molded connector cables for faster on-site wiring.


DINKLE's products have extremely high flexibility and diversity, capable of meeting the needs of different industries or equipment. During the exhibition, there will be a professional sales team to explain in detail for you. We look forward to having in-depth exchanges with you at the exhibition site and working together to create a new situation in industrial automation.


Exhibition Information
Date:June 19-22,2024
Venue:BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand
Booth No. Hall 98, 8J05