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Outstanding Quality Tempered by Extreme Temperature


Outstanding Quality Tempered by Extreme Temperature

Outstanding Quality Tempered by Extreme Temperature

The Parts Are Small but Critical.

Imagine that PCB performance is low and short-circuited, which causes instability in the production line and affects the order delivery schedule. Imagine that the aging and melting of PCB terminal blocks cause equipment damage and even thermal runaway.

The use of PCB terminal blocks that have not passed the safety certification has potential risks to the safety and stability of the equipment. Dinkle deeply understands that although PCB terminal blocks are small, they significantly impact the end product. Therefore, our PCB terminal blocks have obtained UL1059 and IEC61984 international safety certifications to ensure that the products have high reliability and high safety.

The Aging Test Accelerates Quality Improvement.

The natural aging of PCB terminal blocks takes several years. The aging test simulates the extreme working environment through scientific methods. Different environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, pressure, light, etc., are carried out in a fixed period to determine the environmental factors. The purpose is to defect if the extreme temperature will cause chemical changes or physical damage to avoid any safety or function problem. Thus, the product can shorten the period from development to testing through the aging test, identify defects and safety issues early, and continuously improve product quality.

International Safety Certification Makes Dinkle Outstanding.

Dinkle chooses UL and VDE witness laboratory international safety certification as the index for the aging test of all products and products under development. In the UL1059 high-temperature test, we adopted the more stringent CSA C22.2 158-10 standard, placed the sample in a 105 °C oven, and heated it at a high temperature for 168 hours (7 days) without cracking, softening, deformation or melting. In the IEC 61984 test, our products have completed a 2-hour low-temperature environment test and a 168-hour (7-day) high-temperature environment test. After this series of extreme environmental simulation safety tests, the appearance and electrical performance of the product are all in line with Certification standards, and this is Dinkle's insistence on product safety.
Outstanding Quality Tempered by Extreme Temperature

The Test of Ice and Fire Has Tempered Dinkle's Belief in Safety.

Dinkle believes that the parts are small but critical. During the product development and manufacturing stage, we will check the quality of the product for you. Then, when you use the product, we will be the best guardian for the safety of your equipment.