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Ouch, It Hurts! Why Is Static Electricity Around Me?


Ouch, It Hurts! Why Is Static Electricity Around Me?

Ouch, It Hurts! Why Is Static Electricity Around Me?

Dry Places Are More Prone to Static Electricity

Static electricity is a static charge that can accumulate on the surface of the human body. When we touch a conductor, a large amount of static charge accumulated on the body will quickly neutralize and cause electrostatic shock. In summer or areas with intense moisture, the water vapor in the air can reduce the charge on the body, but in the dry winter, static electricity is easy to accumulate on the body due to the friction between the skin and clothes, which often causes the phenomenon of electrostatic shock.

The Influence and Harm of Static Electricity

Generally speaking, the voltage of a household socket is 100 volts, and the electrostatic voltage accumulated on the human body can be as high as 20,000-30,000 volts. When the voltage exceeds 3000 volts, sparks will be generated, although they will not significantly impact the human body. But the stinging sensation produced by electrostatic shock can also make people feel uncomfortable and may cause partial paralysis, mental stress, or loss of balance in the human body!
In addition, when the human body is in contact with electronic equipment, the static electricity will generate an instantaneous discharge current to the electronic device, which may damage the internal components of the device.

Electrostatic Protection

Since static electricity is erratic, how can we eliminate static electricity through simple protection methods?
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