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Dinkle Galbiate the Volleyball Team


Dinkle Galbiate the Volleyball Team

There is a network that divides the field and a network that allows people to be united. This idea goes very well with Dinkle's slogan "Delight through Connections" which can be read on the jerseys of a local women's volleyball team in Italy.

Dinkle will become the main sponsor of this team that plays under the name "Dinkle Galbiate" in the 2022/2023 season.

How was this sponsorship born?

Galbiate is the country where Dinkle Italy was founded and also the place where its managing director Marco Negri comes from. Mr. Negri has a son who plays in a youth football team, also in Galbiate. Dinkle welcomed the request to provide a new shirt this team needed to take part in a summer championship.

This event caught a great attention on social media and newspapers, and the Dinkle logo on the t-shirt was seen everywhere. By a chance the president of the volleyball team got in touch with Dinkle explaining that they were looking for a main sponsor.

It was clear that behind this team there was a lot of passion, a lot of difficulties to keep it alive by sacrificing the time of one's personal life. Mr. S.T. Wu, President of Dinkle group, thought that bringing Dinkle brand into the volleyball sport would be a great match. As always Dinkle does things right, so a serious commitment has been made with a three-year sponsorship contract.

The news was reported by an Italian local newspaper on an entire page.

Now, we can't wait to see great results on the pitch!!