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D-Thermo thermal transfer printer



Instant Print only in 6 seconds!! 

     Video: D-Thermo transfer printer instructions    

     Video : New ribbon installation    

     Video :  Touch Panel Interface Function     


     Product Features     

  • Easily Replaceable Ink Ribbon:User can check the use of ribbon through observation window. New design allows maintenance free operation and easily replaceable ink ribbon within a few seconds.
  • 6 Seconds Instant Print: Simply press the start button to commence printing and only takes 6 seconds per card. This device is user-friendly and ready-to-use.
  • Angle Adjustable Touch Panel:The intuitive operation panel is easy to use and does not require any skill, suitable for a variety of work stations.
  • Color Touch Panel Display: Color touch panel is an ideal extension to any PC, 10 languages are available for universal applications.