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SMT (Surface Mount Technology) process is a modern module manufacturing process, focusing on cost-optimization through a fully automated process. PCB connectors suitable for THR (Through Hole Reflow) soldering method are loaded onto tape-on-reel packaging, which integrates these components into the automated SMT process. Dinkle offers tape-on-reel packaging method for PCB sockets ranging from pitches 3.5mm to 7.62mm, meeting the PCB requirements for SMT process. Vacuum nozzle or mechanical gripper tape-on-reel options are both available. With suction method, you have two options available for vertical or horizontal position depending on your application requirement. Vacuum nozzle is commonly used for components placement operations by applying pressure through vacuum, and both vertical and horizontal direction picking for the connectors are supported. Mechanical gripper is designed for uniquely shaped parts, where extra spaces are reserved on the two sides of the connector to accommodate the gripper.

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