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0150 series for servo driver application



  Best Pal for Servo Drivers 

  PCB Push-In Design Connectors  

Dinkle 0150 series, PCB pluggable terminal block, is a reliable connector for servo drivers application. Its specifications of rated voltage and current up to 600V / 20A corresponds to the characteristics of the servo control industry. The plugs are designed with an innovative clamp designed lock flange directly beneath the housing to minimize the width of the overall design, which not only helps to save space and makes it easy to plug, but also allows fast and stable wiring. The spring cage structure of the push in mechanism allows wiring with solid wires or stranded wires with ferrules, suitable for wires up to 12 AWG. The release tool is an optional accessory that helps with single hand wiring operation and elevates working efficiency.

The 0150 series will be your best choice for industrial machinery wiring operation.