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About Dinkle

 Complete production process in house and complete control in product quality. 

Dinkle has the complete production process in house in order to control the quality and lead-time while maintaining flexibility for customized requirements. Dinkle's VDE certified laboratory performs mechanical and electrical tests that always follow UL and IEC standards to assure that product quality is always achieved in production.

Product R&D

The R&D center for terminal blocks and mechanical components is located in Kunshan city, China. With the complete production process in house, the R&D team is able to provide customized service and samples more efficiently.

New patents are granted every year by the Dinkle R&D team. The technical knowhow is well accumulated in creating satisfactory products that will meet market requirements.


Dinkle has its own engineers that work on tool design and tool manufacturing. The stamping dies and plastic molds for Dinkle products are designed and made by Dinkle engineers.

Metal Stamping

The quality terminal is the key component for quality terminal blocks. Dinkle strictly monitors the stamping process to assure precise metal components.
Sheet metal that is between 0.1mm - 4.0mm thick is commonly used in production.

Plastic Injection

Plastic molds are designed and made by Dinkle engineers .
Housing for insulation purposes or overmolding applications are developed on a regular basis. Different colors and specific plastic materials are available upon request.

Screw Production

Screw production includes heading, slotting and threading processes that go through a quality screening device to ensure only  qualified screws are selected.
Customized screws are available for M1-M6.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is a critical process for terminal blocks because as it helps improve resistance to corrosion and conductibility. 
Cu, Ni, Sn, Au, Ag and Zn plating is carried out in Dinkle factory frequently and customized plating or partial plating is available upon request. Dinkle strives to provide quality products while meeting tough environment standards set by the local authorities.

Product Assembly

Characteristics of the industrial control market include small quantities , large varieties and short lead-times. In order to respond quicker to the market, three types of production methods (automation assembly, automatic assembly and manual assembly) are being adopted for different types of product ranges.

The automation assembly line and semi-automatic assembly machines are made by the engineers in the Automation department where every, assembly step is strictly monitored to assure the best results. Manual assembly is the most flexible assembly method and specific fixtures are used to facilitate the production quality and efficiency.

Customer service

Dinkle team is here to help you identify your technical need and provide the solution to your design requirements. Dinkle's  sales team participates in global exhibitions, stays close to the market and understands actual market requirements.
With more than 30 years of engineering experience, Dinkle team pays careful attention to each customer's issue and works with the customer  to achieve mutual benefits.