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Power Distribution

The modern power industry is no longer just the management of power generation, power distribution and power storage. The new challenge is managing energy more efficiently. With the invention of IOT, energy efficiency management becomes more feasible.  Energy consumed by equipment can be monitored, trend of energy consumption can be analyzed and future consumption of energy can be better predicted. This innovation provides better energy management solutions for the applications of hydroelectric power, wind power and solar energy.

In the new generation of energy management, data is collected from the traditional liner model to the current network model. A huge variety of sensors, controllers and monitoring devices are arranged to collect and immediately provide feedback about the energy consumption and distribution. The quality of every monitoring device is important because it ensures information is consistent and reliable. 

Dinkle has invested a ton of effort into the power industry by continuously developing new technology and integrating market requirements. Dinkle provides solutions from “connection” applications to “control” applications. Dinkle offers PCB type terminal blocks, barrier terminal blocks, DIN rail terminal blocks, relays, interface modules and power supplies. All products are fully tested, certified and suitable for power industry applications.

Dinkle has transformed itself from a “manufacturer” to a “service provider” by not only offering quality products, but by striving to provide technical services and working with customers to achieve success together. It is important for customers to experience successful projects with Dinkle, just as Dinkle’s slogan vows “Delight through Connections”.